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Behind the scenes of a miracle - Paperback

Behind the scenes of a miracle - Paperback

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Jean-Luc Trachsel preaching the Gospel with authority on a platform before the crowds, people healed of their diseases and infirmities: this is the outside, this is what people see of me. I wish to tell you about the interior, the hidden side, and to take you behind the scenes of my ordinary life, where the God of the extraordinary who still works miracles is manifested.” Swiss preacher Jean-Luc Trachsel has already visited more than 70 countries to share the Gospel with an audience that is rushing by the thousands to come and listen to him. But his ministry is also exercised in the secret of prayer and in the little things of daily life. His life as a successful father and entrepreneur is entirely crossed by the power of God. In this autobiographical story punctuated by spiritual reflections and teachings, the mass evangelist engages himself with a courageous and edifying authenticity. From his early childhood to the unexpected experience of burn out that kept him away from the crowds for two years, this book highlights the constant struggle between the natural psychological man and the spiritual man transcended by his faith.


Format : broché
Nombre pages : 160
Editeur : Editions Première Partie
Date de publication : 2ème trimestre 2016
ISBN : 978-2-8399-3970-6

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