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Global Evangelist Alliance

Spirit Empowered Witnessing

Spirit Empowered Witnessing

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This book is a reflection of the passion of E21 and the GEA to reach people for Jesus. In these pages you will be motivated and trained to share your faith with those around you. Perhaps you will even be inspired to take the gospel to the ends of the earth!

There are eight billion people in the world. Each one with an eternal soul. They will either spend eternity in heaven with Jesus or in hell without Him. Our responsibility is to help them to have a chance to hear and to respond to the good news.

Would you join us in this mission to introduce everyone to Jesus? We need your help. The world is waiting for you.

Table of Contents

    • Foreword | Billy Wilson
    • The Great Commission | LaDonna Osborn
    • The 5 Commissions of Jesus in the New Testament | Desmond Henry
    • Why Evangelism? | Bernie Moore
    • What is Evangelism? | Rubens Cunha
    • What is the Gospel? | Daniel Kolenda
    • Empowered to Witness By the Holy Spirit | Mattheus van der Steen
    • How is the Believer Empowered by the Spirit to Be a Witness? | Jean-Luc Trachsel
    • Supernatural Witnessing | Todd White
    • Motivations for Gospel Actions | Andrew Palau
    • Sharing Jesus with Others | Michael Koulianos
    • Pictures of the Gospel | Daniel King
    • Power Evangelism: Divine Healing & Words of Knowledge | Matt Helland
    • What is Power Evangelism? | Joe Oden
    • The Reward of the Evangelist | Nathan Morris
    • Creative Strategies for Evangelism | Kevin Palau
    • Creative Strategies for Evangelism | Nick Hall
    • The Creative Strategies of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism | Mikel French
    • Apologetics in Personal Evangelism | Raphael Anzenberger
    • Using Apologetics in Evangelism | Daniel King
    • Friendship Evangelism | Wendy Palau
    • Friendship Evangelism | Anna Christiansen
    • How to Share Your Testimony | Chris Overstreet
    • From Convert to Disciple | LaDonna Osborn

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  • Editeur : Global Evangelist Alliance
  • ISBN : 978-1-950971-25-1
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