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Global Evangelist Alliance

The Spirit Powered Evangelist

The Spirit Powered Evangelist

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This book is a reflection of the passion of E21 and the GEA to reach people for Jesus. In these pages you will be motivated and trained to share your faith with those around you. Perhaps you will even be inspired to take the gospel to the ends of the earth!

There are eight billion people in the world. Each one with an eternal soul. They will either spend eternity in heaven with Jesus or in hell without Him. Our responsibility is to help them to have a chance to hear and to respond to the good news.

Would you join us in this mission to introduce everyone to Jesus? We need your help. The world is waiting for you.

Table of Contents

    • Foreword | Billy Wilson
    • What is an Evangelist? | Daniel King
    • Are You an Evangelist? | Daniel Kolenda
    • The Need for an Evangelist | Ben Fitzgerald
    • The Call of the Evangelist | Bernie Moore
    • Vital Questions for Every Evangelist | LaDonna Osborn
    • History of Evangelism | Daniel King
    • Evangelism and the Holy Spirit | Donna Shambach
    • The Spirit-Empowered Evangelist | Joe Oden
    • The Holy Spirit's Leading for the Evangelist | Mattheus van der Steen
    • The Journey of Faith | Nathan Morris
    • The Gift of Healing and the Evangelist | Jean-Luc Trachsel
    • The Miracle Signs of the Evangelist | Rubens Cunha
    • The Gift of Deliverance and Evangelism | Siegfried Tomazsewski
    • How to Reach a Closed Nation with the Gospel | Mattheus van der Steen
    • How to Do Cross-Cultural Evangelism | Siegfried Tomazsewski
    • Prophetic Evangelism | Matthew Helland
    • Helping Others by the Power of Faith | Teo Hayashi
    • The Character of an Evangelist | Travis Holownia
    • The Prayer Life of an Evangelist | Jeri Hill
    • Are You an Evangelist or a Revivalist? | Jason Frenn
    • Partnering with the Local Church and Follow-Up | Russell Benson
    • The Unique Partnership between the Evangelist and the Church | Raphaël Anzenberger
    • Biblical Unity and Evangelical Outflow | Andrew Palau

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  • Editeur : Global Evangelist Alliance
  • INBN : 978-1-950971-27-5
  • Dimensions : 13,5x21,5x2,5cm
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